For sale or license: StarCharm business

The StarCharm™ personalized astrological jewelry business seeks a purchaser or licensor well positioned to realize the opportunity it has been created to exploit.

The opportunity

StarCharm is a business that, given someone’s birth date time and place, “casts” that person’s astrological “Natal Chart” (a representation of the stars and planets in the heavens as seen from the birth time and place), then engraves it onto a personalized item of jewelry. Line extensions beyond jewelry (e.g. t-shirts, plaques, etc.) are an obvious possibility.

As suggested by the New York Times article “Venture Capital Is Putting Its Money Into Astrology” – personalized astrological jewelry (and related line extensions) has potential to be a significant opportunity.

As an Aquarius, David Birnbaum is naturally skeptical of astrology. But as an investor, he has zero doubts about the business potential of the $2.1 billion “mystical services market.”

— New York Times, April 15, 2019

Hi. I’m Jim Edlin, and I started working on StarCharm as a side-project a couple of years ago, then ramped up my efforts after retiring from full-time employment a year ago.

People seem to love the idea. (As evidenced by Facebook likes. And Meghan Markle is recently rocking astrological jewelry.)

But I’ve realized that taking advantage of this opportunity will need more effort and investment than makes sense for a semi-retired sole proprietor like me.

So I’m seeking a home for StarCharm with an organization better positioned to help it realize it’s potential. An organization that has:

  • buying power for materials to make cost-of-goods reasonable
  • advertising volume and savvy to make CAC reasonable
  • product fu to extend the line and keep it fresh
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What’s on offer

StarCharm is a Delaware LLC. A purchase or licensing arrangement would include:

  • e-commerce website built on WordPress and WooCommerce
  • proprietary WordPress plug-in that integrates with the astrology engine to support the e-commerce site
  • all intellectual property relating to StarCharm including trademark, logo, internet domain, designs, packaging, etc.
  • all vendor relationships including engraving supplier and fulfillment, if desired
  • paid-up perpetual license to 3rd party “astrology engine” software, with proprietary customization for StarCharm – this provides the astrological computation, imagery and interpretations
  • small inventory of engraving blanks, chains, and packaging materials


Negotiable. Will consider either outright purchase (either assets or LLC) or exclusive licensing arrangement.


Jim Edlin
[email protected]